Monday, 7 January 2013

To start with i am a big fan of Jeeps, there were few kind of jeeps like willys, landi and Mahindra here are few pictures of old jeeps that are not in production now in India.
File:Covered Willy's jeep Wings Over Wine Country 2007.JPG
fully modified 1968 willys jeep in mallappuram - perinthalmanna1945 Willys-Overland Jeep CJ-2A image

Above are the few examples of Willys Jeeps

Below are pictures of Landi jeeps one of the favorite jeeps in Punjab (India)

3634.jpgPictures of  Landi Jeep good condition white colour toyota 3c

And last but not at all the least the Mahindra Classic Jeep

mahindra classic jeep - Dahisar EastModified Mahindra Classic Jeep - Barkheri
1999 Original Mahindra Classic CL340 DP CLS 4WD - GanpatipuleMahindra Jeep

But these are old jeeps which are not in production any more and requires huge amount of patience and care for them to be on road and lot of people don't have that much of time or patience to maintain these classics.
But lot of us (especially me) like to own a jeep.
So the answer is the new Mahindra Thar, vastly improved over the older versions jeeps.


Doesn't it just looks stunning all the retro feel is still there in this jeep but its a breeze to drive this  jeep on road of off road.
But the big question is the practicality of this as a day to day car.
I am not talking about the people who can afford a car for highways, one hatch for city and a jeep for off roading, for people like that there is not a problem to buy this jeep as there is nothing like this in market except the Maruti Suzuki's Jipsy.
I am on about an average earning person who can afford to buy a car but is a die hard fan of jeeps but cannot have one because of not being practically possible to have one.

Reasons :

No safety :  As it does not have a proper hard top, the company gives a soft top fitted but its not safe to park in the city with a soft top (as we all know why).

Air conditioner : Jeeps were meant for hardcore offroaders so there was never an option for a air conditioner but the new Thar comes with AC and it works well with the not so enclosed soft top as well.

Seating : The rear seating (side bench style) may not be appealing to lot of people.

Interiors : The interiors of Thar are appalling, there is nothing to get inspired of, interiors are bare minimum,
we can see the gear lever right to the end bottom and how it works :), the dash board is cut with hexablade  and fitted in with super glue i think.

Price : At Rs. 6,87,000(ex showroom Hyderabad) its not cheap and to get it upto one's expectations they have to spend at least Rs.2,00,000 more so all together the car might cost around 10 to 11 lacks Indian Rupees.
Now but people who want to own a Thar anyhow (like me :) Dil to bacha hai ji) there are few companies which are providing a proper hardtop and lot of interiors changes to the need  of the customers.
I have seen pictures online of the fitments they have done and modified the jeeps to the level they should be below are the few pictures of hardtops.

Title #242Title #243
Title #386Hyderabad Hard Top (Thar)-ht-049.jpg
Hyderabad Hard Top (Thar)-ht-079.jpgHyderabad Hard Top (Thar)-ht-045.jpg

These two different companies providing hardtops one is in Delhi and other is located in Hyderabad.

And below are the pictures of interiors which are done by the Delhi based modifiers.

 Title #323Title #326
Title #332Title #334
Title #337Title #417

These are only few example pictures there are a lot of more modifications available for the Mahindra Thar and there but i want all these things to come with the companies basic package of the Thar, there is news that Mahindra is going to launch the Thar with hardtop and 1.5 liter diesel engine which powers the Mahindra Quanto at present by the end of this year, being a small engine and car being sub 4 meters the company might get excise benefits and i want that to be passed to the customers.
I will be the first one in the queue to buy this new Thar if it comes with AC, Hardtop and good interiors as standard.


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